Northwest Arkansas Emerging Leaders offers its members five teams through which they can get involved in projects that seek to improve the community and make the region a better place to live, work and raise a family.  Teams meet monthly and members are encouraged to attend meetings and get involved by bringing ideas, input and energy to group projects.

For more information about each team, contact the team leader at their email address listed below.

Community Enrichment


This team provides avenues for dialogue and education about community issues as well as opportunities to become engaged in projects that will enrich the region.  The team absorbed the Education and Downtown teams over the past year and offers an avenue for members with project ideas that do not fit within existing teams an opportunity to horses for healinguse Community Enrichment as a platform for any project or program that could benefit the community.

Lunch with a Leader—Organize four lunch with a leader events per year.  Lunch with a Leader provides NWAEL members access to the region’s top leadership.  The size of the group is limited to allow for a casual, informal discussion.

Membership Wide Service Projects—Partner with area organizations to provide NWAEL members the opportunity to spend an afternoon together and give back to the community.

For more information, email Michelle Sowell.



Legacy’s mission aligns closely with one of the top overall priorities of the organization: to infuse new talent with existing leadership. The premise of the team is to actively seek ways and means to give ready, willing and able future leaders the training and platforms required to transition them into long-term, impactful positions for our community.NWAEL Board Cert May 3 (5)

Board Service Certification Program—This day-long training program prepares attendees to serve on nonprofit boards and commissions.  The team organizes two Board Certification programs per year and to date preparing more than 150 members for service.

Mastermind Groups — A “mastermind” group is a circle of like-minded individuals who meet regularly to discuss issues, develop personal goals and instill accountability in accomplishing those goals.  Through the team’s leadership multiple Mastermind Groups have been established among members.

Contact Information: April Pantall

Greenways and Trails

The team links parks, trails and people; to provide, protect, develop and maintain parks, greenways and trails throughout the community; and to promote public awareness of the benefits of green space.

Community Bike Program—Established in 2010, this program refurbishes old bicycles and places them on trailheads in Rogers for the community to use free of charge.   To date more than twenty bikes have been placed on the trail system.Race for Spike 1

Race for the Spike/Frisco Five — The cost to refurbish bikes for the Community Bike Program are covered by an annual bicycle poker ride held in conjunction with Frisco Festival in Rogers.  In 2012, the poker ride added a competitive bike sprint known as “Race for the Spike” where riders race a speeding train back to downtown Rogers.  In 2014 the race and poker ride raised $3000 for the Community Bike Program.

Bike to School Initiative—Members worked closely with a Rogers elementary school to develop a bike-to-school initiative, which led to the school offering a bike safety course and allowing students to ride their bikes  to school for the first time.

Contact Information: Ashley Mauldin

Regular Meeting Date: Second Wednesday of each month, 11:30 a.m., Waste Management Sustainability Center, 602 South 52nd St., Rogers, AR.

 Political and Government Affairs

This team offers non-partisan programs to assess current political issues and opportunities; educate on political and government processes; and engage and encourage participation in local, state and federal government.

Ready to Run – This series offers a monthly class for people interested in running for office. Attendees learn the basics of running for office like fundraising, ethics, marketing, press relations and what makes a good candidate from expert panelists.

Voter Registration/Education – Members work to hold voter registration drives around NWA and host legislative forums to better educate the public on issues and candidates.

Contact Information: Ross Phillips

Regular Meeting Date: Second Friday of each month, 12:00 p.m., 506 Enterprise Drive, Lowell, AR. 72745



The team is focused on increasing sustainability in Northwest Arkansas and diverting recyclable material out of the landfill.

Event Recycling— The team has led numerous recycling initiatives at nonprofit and corporate events over the past several years.  Their efforts have resulted in low or near zero waste  events. Due to this they have created manuals to assist other non-profits in producing their own zero waste events with a turnkey process.

Recycling Alliance— A major 2012 initiative was to foster a recycling alliance between the region’s cities, counties and solid waste districts.  By collaborating, recyclables would be more efficiently collected and resources could be shared between agencies.

Contact Information: Marci Devenney

Regular Meeting Date: Second Wednesday of each month, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm